is a full service boutique photography company here to create beautiful art for you and your loved ones, capture priceless memories that will be cherished for generations, and one of my personal favorites, help cultivate a brand identity via imagery for the budding artist or entrepreneur.



I'm going to keep it real with you. I've always loved taking pictures, but it wasn't until my niece passed away, at 2.5 years old, that I started taking it seriously. We literally have thousands upon thousands of pictures of this sweet little girl, and luckily her momma was adamant about regular professional photoshoots. My brother would occasionally fight her on the cost, but in retrospect agrees that it was THEE best money ever spent. 


Many of the individuals you see on my site have never taken more than a yearbook photo or family portrait. Upon delivery of their photos, time and time again I get confirmation that photography is such a special gift. When a person gets to see themselves in a new light, the domino effect can be truly profound. When shooting anything from portraits to boudoir to personal branding with me, you will be left with a fresh perspective on how amazing and unique you are. You are literally one in 7.6 BILLION, and I feel so special when I get to capture images of your magnificence!



"Basic Photography"

"Beyond Basic Photography"


"Pregnancy & Newborn Photography" - Ana Brandt

"Efficient Lighting & Post Production" - Jared Platt

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